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About Budgit hoist

Sievert Crane & HoistSievert Electric Service and Sales Company is owned and operated by Sievert Electric Service and Sales Company. Sievert Electric is a master parts and hoist distributor for Budgit Hoist.

Sievert Crane and Hoist, Division of Sievert Electric (SESSCO), has the knowledge and experience, and has evolved over the years to its present day capabilities of hoist and overhead crane design sales, service and repairs, as well as electrical repairs and new construction. We also offer communication installations, repairs and maintenance, as well as  scoreboard installation repair and construction. We offer skilled, technically adept service and repair staff provide customers a complete solution, in-the-field and in-house. Problem diagnosis, plans of action, parts & accessories and the skill to implement these factors. This  makes Sievert your single source company for these services - either in-the-field or through its in-house facilities.